The Liberty Tavern is located at the corner of Liberty and Juliat avenues.

9/8/15 2015
   hope everyone is having a great summer
Have a Safe /Healthly Summer guys.We will be here 7 days/wk. for all yourDrinking and Eating needs!
9/10/15 7;59
   Old Man Beer Nite
Once again;;Kickoff NFL Season at the Lib with OLD MAN BEER NITE!/2.50 a can w/2 White Castles.10th Annual.
9/10/15 8:30
   Old Man Beer Nite
Steelers vs Patriots// Here we go!
12/12/15 Sept 12
   NFL Football CollegeGames
Watch all ur favorite games here.11 HD led tv's/draft /food specials

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